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“I don't want to be called Asian-American all the time, but I don't want to be called; I don't want to make a bad impression on all Asians just because I messed up. Young Asian girls, you can do anything you're not allowed to do, you can put your destiny in your own hands, just as I did when I pressed'post' on Youtube.


A reporter once asked Occafina what was making up a rumor that you thought was funny? She replied with a smile'Occafina is the best, she's not defective.'


Single eyelid, long black hair, a typical Asian face... With no proudly erect figure, a severe neck tilt and not even a good face, O'Cafina is always relaxed in front of the camera, with an air of confidence, both acting and real life full of reality, revealing a very special personal style.


Occafina, who is under the age of 32 this year, is becoming the new favorite in Hollywood's film and television industry, taking home the 77th Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical\/Comedy Movie and becoming a Golden Globe in her upcoming national release,\" Don't Tell Her,\" on Friday


Occafina was born Nora Lum in 1988. The father is Chinese and the mother is Korean. The family have run Chinese restaurants in New York since their great-grandfather emigrated to the United States in the 1940s. Okafina, whose mother died when she was four, moved into her grandmother's home in Queens and was raised by her Beijing-born grandmother,\" people used to laugh at my low, harsh voice. When I was a kid, I always had that voice, but grandma told me: never feel ashamed of yourself for being weird, because that's why I love you and it's what makes you different.'


Grandma was stronger and stronger than men:\" She looked after our family financially and emotionally,\" she said. And she doesn't blame me for saying dirty words, she thinks I'm funny. When I was very young, I got this confidence from her, she was so strong that she never cowered in front of a man. She told me that stereotypes don't exist. She allowed me to do everything I could, even as a tomboy.


In order to know more about China, can communicate with grandma in Chinese. Occafina came to china for two years for language studies.\" My grandma is from beijing, but I only remember that people around me speak english. I always wished I could communicate with her in chinese, so I went to beijing language university to study chinese after high school and wrote food news for a beijing magazine.\"


Don't Tell her 80% of the narrators in the film need to use Chinese, to Occafina's greatest touch is that grandma praises her Chinese well now and doesn't have to struggle to understand what she's saying, she said.


Although she taught herself the trumpet as a child and was also educated in jazz classical music in high school, Occafina developed a keen interest in hip-hop music,\" Ocafina,\" the stage name she gave herself, meaning \"Awkward (clumsy).\" At the age of 19, Ocafina wrote a song about singing \"MyVag,\" and, at the advice of a friend, posted the song's MV on Youtube, an explicit video that attacked Western stereotypes of Asian girls and completely subverted the notion that Asian girls are very tame old-fashioned. What she didn't think of was that the song's hit rate exceeded one million, eventually climbing to more than 4 million, and since then changing Occafina's life. \"The most important decision in my life is to press the release button,\" she recalls. For the first time, okafina realized that maybe I could make a living out of it.

  因为和韩裔喜剧演员赵牡丹(MargaretCho)合作了一首《绿茶》,奥卡菲娜开始在音乐圈崭露头角,她被好莱坞制作人塞斯·罗根发现,开始参与表演。不久后她获得了出演电影《瞒天过海:美人计》的机会,出演纽约街头表演者,形象也很符合她平时生活中的最爱——“毛线帽 运动服”,并和桑德拉·布洛克、凯特·布兰切特、安妮·海瑟薇、蕾哈娜等同台。为了演好这个角色,她学了好几个月“如何进行偷窃”。

Because of a \"Green Tea\" collaboration with Korean-American comedian Margaret Cho, Occafina began to make her mark in the musical circle, where she was spotted by Hollywood producer Seth Rogen, getting involved in the show. Shortly after, she was given the chance to appear in the film \"The Sea of the Sea: Beauty,\" as a New York street performer, and was well suited to her usual life favorite,\" Wool Cap Athletic Wear,\" alongside Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna and others. To do the part, she learned for months how to steal.


Occafina is still a supporting role in the 2018 film \"Picking Up Golden Qiyuan,\" but she has nominated two awards for best comedy performance and breakout performance for the 28th MTV Movie Awards.


Orcafina never thought she would get a screenplay with a kinship theme like \"don't tell her,\" or that it would be written and directed by an asian-american woman. She has dealt with many Asian actors since she entered the profession, and has heard some terrible stories: something must be endured, something must even be portrayed.


Ocafina doesn't want to represent a group,\" I don't want to always be called Asian Americans, I want to be called Ocafina; I don't want to make a bad impression on all Asians because I screwed up. Young Asian girls, you can do anything that is not allowed to do, can take the fate in their own hands, just as I used to press the'post at YouTube. \"She encouraged more Asians to enter the film and television industry and seek more opportunities to tell real stories.


In November, O'Cafina became the cover of Time, with the title \"One of the 100 most influential people in the future,\" and she and the likes of Laura Dunn and Scarlett Johansson on the cover of the actress'special issue of Hollywood Reporter.


She became the second Asian actress to host Saturday Night Live after Liu Yu-ling and hosted the 22nd Hollywood Film Awards. More importantly, she was chosen by Marvel as the heroine of the film \"Up the Air.\"


But because it wasn't the \"beauty\" of the mainstream definition, occafina was met with derision. Earlier in the interview, okafina claimed to have been in the street as zhang ziyi, resulting in a shadow in the heart, so took to the hip-hop style, named herself okafeina, is to get rid of the shadow of zhang ziyi, because the remarks she is considered to be \"touch porcelain\" zhang ziyi.

  但现在这位好莱坞的亚裔新宠依旧坚持自己的行事风格,更想通过表演和嘻哈音乐把“亚洲书呆子”(毛线帽 大眼镜)的形象,变成一种纽约街头流行文化。用犀利的语言和风趣幽默的方式,致力于打破人们对亚裔的刻板印象。

But now Hollywood's new Asian favorite is sticking to his style, preferring to turn the image of \"Asian nerd \"(woolly hat big glasses) into a New York street pop culture through acting and hip-hop music. In sharp language and humorous ways, dedicated to breaking the stereotype of Asians.