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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and British Prime Minister John Johnson said today that the Ukrainian plane may have been hit by an Iranian missile, but it was \"likely unintentional \". However, Iran denied that it would invite Boeing and the country where the citizens were killed to participate in the investigation.


The air disaster investigation is a long process, and it is certainly impossible to confirm the cause in a short time. But in the midst of tensions in the Middle East, Ukraine's plane crash certainly added more eerie color to the crash.


Early on January 8, Ukrainian International Airlines flight PS752 crashed in a village about 45 km north-west of the airport shortly after taking off from Tehran airport, killing all 168 passengers and nine crew members on board.


On the night of 9 local time, canada's prime minister, trudeau, said at a news conference that canada had learned from multiple sources that the plane was \"likely unintentionally\" hit by iran's missiles. At about the same time, British Prime Minister John Johnson also told the media that intelligence analysis believed the plane had been hit by an Iranian missile.


With 63 Canadians and three British citizens on board the crash, Trudeau and Johnson have reason to be concerned about the cause of the crash. Neither, however, released the \"real hammer\" at the conference, saying only that both their own and ally's intelligence agencies had evidence that iran's missiles might have unintentionally shot down ukrainian jets.


Prior to Trudeau and Johnson's development, several U.S. media outlets had reported that the plane could have been hit by Iranian missiles. Newsweek, which first reported, quoted the U.S. Department of Defense and senior intelligence officials as well as Iraqi intelligence officials as saying they thought the plane had crashed or had been hit by a Russian-made Tor M-1 surface-to-air missile. U.S. President Donald Trump also said he was \"skeptical\" of the plane crash in Ukraine.


A foreign ministry spokesman tweeted that \"we would all be grateful if any state could provide evidence to substantiate this allegation \", saying that iran had invited boeing and the country where the citizens were killed to participate in the investigation and that iran was\" innocent \". Iran's civil aviation chief called it an \"illogical rumor,\"\" how could the plane be hit by a rocket or missile and then the pilot try to return to the airport?\"


The first is the special time point for the plane crash. Around 2 a.m. on January 8, Iran fired 22 missiles at two U.S. military bases in Iraq, while the crashed plane took off at 6:12 a.m. There are only a few hours between them.


In unstable areas, there have been too many historical precedents for the tragic missile strikes on civilian airliners. The most recent occurred in Ukraine, where on 17 July 2014 Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was hit by a missile while flying over eastern Ukraine, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew members on board. Since the eastern part of Ukraine was at a time of conflict, the crash has so far failed to find its true cause.


The United States and Canada have concluded that the aircraft was hit by Iranian missiles, the most important of which, according to Newsweek, was the detection of two missile launches by US satellites before the aircraft exploded.


There were also a number of videos on social media that were alleged to have been the scene of the crash, showing the plane having flash objects approached before it exploded, before it exploded into a fireball in the air. The authenticity of the videos remains to be seen as the sky is still black at 6 a.m. in Derhelm.


Combined with various media reports, the plane did not appear to have sent any distress signals before the crash. In the event of a mechanical or operating system failure, pilots generally have time to send a distress signal, such as last year's 773-Max crash before the pilot asked the tower for an emergency return. In the search and rescue of the crash site, the plane was almost blown into a pile of debris, not quite consistent with the normal crash.


A senior captain wrote on CNN that examining the state of the plane's aftermath was more like an internal bomb or an external missile attack. However, some aviation experts believe that under the modern air defense system, the flight condition of the civil aviation aircraft is very accurate, it is unlikely to have the low-level error of missile error.


The air crash investigation is a long process, and the analysis of black boxes and flight data is very time-consuming and laborious, and there is certainly no definitive conclusion in the short term. But the reaction to the plane crash in ukraine seems to have been the first of its kind, making the air disaster investigation politically charged.


Shortly after the crash, iran and ukraine declared the plane a \"mechanical failure \". The announcement was apparently too hasty to allow Ukraine to change its rhetoric \"not to rule out the possibility of a terrorist attack \". And Iran's initial refusal to allow Boeing to participate in the investigation gives a sense of wanting to fill the void. If it's a mechanical failure, the manufacturer, Boeing, shouldn't be expelled from the investigation team.


The u. s., canada, and britain, unable to produce a real hammer, said at a news conference that iran might have hit the plane with a very careful choice of words, but no doubt it would put a lot of pressure on iran. Of course, this is also an important reason why the US and Canada are eager to speak out, through international pressure to involve more parties in the air disaster investigation to ensure the authenticity of the investigation.


It can be said that from the beginning, the air disaster investigation was shrouded in distrust, Iran claimed it was a well-crafted plot by the enemy, and the United States and Britain feared that Iran would not seriously investigate. In the final analysis, this is a corollary of America's and Iran's \"fighting laws \"in the Middle East.


In part, the crash will at least keep peace in the Middle East for some time. Whether or not the plane is hit by a missile, Iran is unlikely to continue to retaliate against the United States, and the United States will be more cautious about the Iranian attack. In the face of humanitarianism, no one wants to give the world a cold-blooded impression.